Pentecostal Church John 14:6

Advertising Section


The advertising section is; The one in charge to promote or to publish any special activity, of each department of our ministry.

“Go back to your house, and tell how great things God has done for you.” And he went away, publishing all over the city how great things Jesus had done with him “(Luke 8:39).

General Objectives

  • A means or activity, in order to achieve the objectives of the general plan in official meetings held each month, is analyzed, meditated and authorized activities of the church.
  • For example:
    Campaigns, anniversaries, vigils, fasts, retreats, baptisms and other special ones, that need their corresponding announcement.


Announce our activities, so that brothers and sisters, friends or the community in general are informed and can participate with us in our special services and activities, in order to glorify our God and that souls are saved. Amen!!!


  1. The desired responsibility is one that has to do with the development of the work plan, and therefore with the ministry that God has given us.
  2. Attend all church leadership meetings, where all those activities are created; Who fulfill the great commission to go and preach the Gospel that need their promotion.
  3. Classify all those activities, which deserve their publicity.
  4. Coordinate with the managers of each activity, on advertising costs, in order to avoid not harming the personal economy.
  5. Present to the pastor, all those plans and projects that have, that benefit the ministry.

Tasks to do


  1. Prayer, Fasts, Retreats, vigils within its directive so that there is more wisdom in the treatment and Concierge towards the Children.
  2. Studies on teaching materials necessary for teaching.
  3. Studies of important topics according to their needs.


  1. Crafts: Refreshments in special activities.
  2. To support all the activities of the Church, with initiatives of its own.
    On the work agenda, report meeting dates for leaders and teachers. Work plans such as:
  3. General painting of the building, arrangement of walls Etc. arrangement of furniture (benches, tables, chairs etc.) of the Church.


  1. Recreational times within the area teachers and children.