Pentecostal Church John 14:6

Administrative Directive


Church; As an organization that cares for, manages, distributes and stores funds, needs the services of an administrative team composed of men who are trustworthy and faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now it is required of the stewards, that every one may be found faithful.1 Corinthians 4: 2


  1. Develop an administration that protects interests; Of the congregation.
  2. Help to channel the pastoral vision through available resources.
  3. Provide adequate representation in all groups that contribute financially.
  4. Custodiar; Property, furniture and real estate of the congregation.


  1. Ensure that the disbursements made have been justified and approved by the pastor.
  2. Give support to any purchase and sale transaction of property that the pastor believes should be performed.
  3. Work with the pastor in preparing the annual budget for the congregation.
  4. Pay the salary to the pastor on time and deduct taxes.
    Provide health insurance to the pastor and family and create a retirement program.
  5. Ensure that the pastor obtains salary increase and is economically well.
  6. Submit a quarterly report to the pastor of income and expenses.
  7. Keep the treasury book open for inspection.
  8. Represent the church in business; And transactions.
  9. To keep the accounting of the economic resources (of tithes and offerings, contributions of groups and ministries).
  10. Coordinate the Proyecto Edras (Ezra projects) (construction and maintenance of the temple).


  1. Directors in charge of carrying out these projects.
  2. Assistants if necessary.
  3. Two or three Members.