Pentecostal Church John 14:6


Welcome to the “Christ Bread of Life Ministry” The purpose of this material is to form Home Prayer groups with the desire to proclaim the “Good News of Salvation” and God’s love to the entire North Hollywood Community and other , Through a Biblical and effective basis through the Ministry “Christ Bread of Life”.


In this Ministry we have first: The primordial concepts which are the purposes of God. Second: Ministry is to serve or guide others in sacrificial growth in or to a better way of life and that consequently enhances knowledge and fruitfulness of His Word with promise to enter His Kingdom.

Bread of Life

Jesus said to him, “I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger: and he that believeth in me shall never thirst.” Our motivation must be the same as our Lord’s love to reach the sinner, in our case; To family member, friend and neighbor


Something basic and essential is the principle of foundation that must be adopted in any such project. In order to get a good start and a firm foundation in what is to be built, based of course on the principles that are adopted at its inception. For the Community: Our aim is for the Church to identify with her community and to learn more about her idiosyncrasy or customs and to alleviate her tribulations a little while through the Message of God, as well as contribute in part to her Essential needs of their daily lives. It has been a conflict area involved in gang-related acts and drug addiction.

How was this ministry born?

The Pentecostal Church “John 14: 6” in its Eleven (11) years and Eleven (11) months of its Foundation, in addition to carrying the Message of the blessed Word of God through Preaching, has been serving the Community in Different social areas, such as transforming drug addict, gang member and alcoholic, offering them Eternal Salvation and their physical, material, moral and Spiritual recovery. As well as helping families and Marriages, they are being divided by the effects of sin. Today the ministry “Christ Bread of Life”, under the direction of the Pentecost Church “JOHN 14: 6” states: That when we are born of God, the Holy Spirit is the one who fills with desires and feel in our life to sow the Seed of the Word of God and that one day we can harvest with abundance that fruit so desired and special. Because only God puts “will as doing for his good pleasure”. (Philippians 2:13). Our longing is to carry the Message of Salvation of Christ, Bread of Spiritual Life and Bread of material life.

Soil Examples

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.” And they persevered in the doctrine of The apostles, in communion with each other, in the breaking of bread and in prayers (1 John 1: 7, Acts 2:42).

Regarding love, as the love that Christ gives us. The Bible says, “But that he himself was cast as a servant, being made in the likeness of men, and being in the condition of a man, he humbleth himself, becoming obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.” (Philippians 2: 7-8).

Key concept

The Word Of God

The eternal Word of God expressed to people, especially in principles for the Ministry (His Word for our need.)

Missionary Church

Carrying and weeping with joy, the precious seed of the knowledge of Salvation to the world, for the forgiveness of their sins. (Luke 1:77) Psalm 126: 6).

Biblical Reference

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and for ever” Heb. 13: 8

Selecting Soil

With the above concepts, we can determine the land chosen to plant our plant or tree under the following principles.


1a. Chronicles 17:25
2a.Corinthians 1:11
Luke 18: 1



Mark 16:15
Luke 4:43
Romans 1: 16-17

Communion of Love

Galatians 2: 9-10
Acts 2:42
1a.Juan 1: 3
2a.Cor. 13:14


Jeremiah 10: 12
1a.Cor.14: 40


Ephesians 2: 20
Acts 26:16

Discretion and Sanity

Proverbs 2:11
Proverbs 8: 5
Romans 12: 3


Psalms 111: 10
James 3: 13-18

Growth Dynamics

“If the firstfruits are holy, so is the remaining mass, and if the root is holy, so are the branches.” (Romans 11:16).

The peasant or farmer is aware that every plant or tree that is sown on the face of the earth, if it is healthy beautiful and leafy, is because it has good Roots. Since the root is the part of the plants that is inside the earth, where the wise or nourishing substance is produced for its strengthening and good fruit. In the Ministry our roots are the values on which the Gospel is based. Which will establish the principles to follow

Prayer Values

We believe …

That Prayer, Fasting and Scrutinizing His Word, is very important for this Ministry

So we have …

Pray, fast and read his Word at all times for the purposes of the Ministry “Christ Bread of life”

We believe …

In the Father, the Son, and His Holy Spirit

Therefore we must …

Be constant, persevering, very active and responsible.

Dynamic Growth

The Trunk: Main part of the plant, tree or vegetable that grows more and more each year.

The Trunk is the conduit to the life of every branch and fruit of the plant, tree Etc. It is by where that food that is called wise that gives strength and makes it well beautiful

The log, . It is the main link that holds all the reserves of the earth and all parts of its structure, It is the one that resists all growth and therefore must be very strong.

In the Ministry that is being founded, it is very important to identify our purposes. That in other words it would be: “The Declaration of Mission”. That is to say, to identify which is the aim that is pursued.

Identifying Our Mission

The Mission is to serve the needy and bring a message of Salvation to the Community.

Step No. 1

Communion of Love
Discretion and Wisdom Wisdom

Step No. 2

Save the souls.
Cover the needs.
Carry the Message of Salvation.

Step No. 3

Ministry Christ Bread of Life

Step No. 4

Does this statement identify and guide the area and the group? Yes..
This statement explains a need and how could we know or identify the need? Helping.
Does this statement motivate us to work? Yes. Stimulate and remind us? So is. Is this feasible? Yes. Does this require trust in God? Definitely.

Step No. 5

Now let’s make a mission statement and remember that we can modify it:
Our Mission is: “To serve the needy and bring a message of Salvation to the Community”.
What can we do with our Mission Statement? Print it on treaties, advertising, flyers, envelopes, Sunday newsletters and much more !!

What relationship can be given the Trunk, branches, leaves and fruit of a tree with Evangelism?

In that the Trunk is the Gospel and discipleship; The branches that carry the “Good News”, the leaves are lost souls and fruit, are those that come to the knowledge of the Good News of salvation.

The presentation of the Gospel and the Leadership, are united in order to originate through the Good News of Salvation, a group of Preachers who take the breath of the Word of God. . “And he came and proclaimed the good news of peace to you who were far off, and to those who were near.” Ephesians (2:17).

Biblical Reference

“His branches shall be stretched out, and his glory shall be as the olive tree, and shall be as perfumed as Lebanon.” (Hosea 14: 6).

Presentation and Discipleship of the Gospel

Branch of evangelism

  • Presentation of the Gospel.
  • Prayer Group.
  • Visiting group (20 minutes maximum).
  • Discipleship.
  • Testimony of the Group.
  • Treaties, cards
  • Teaching group.
  • Biblical studies.
  • Membership.
Community Relations Branch

  • Advertisements, flyers
  • Conferences, Campaigns
  • Polls to get to know her better.
Distribution Branch (the Church)

  • Pick up the food and transport it.
  • Distribution and help.
  • Equipment Required:
  • Workplan.
  • Seasons.
  • Registration: cards, contact.
Leadership Branch

  • Group in charge of time.
  • Plantation,
  • Training.
  • Prayer Cells,
  • Growth in Cells.
  • Assignment of the Ministry.

Growth without fruit

Male branch

They are those that are born strong and healthy in the base of the Trunk, that take advantage of the best of the food but that do not bear fruit. (In other words, parasites).

Dead Branches

They are those, which at one time were great but by their condition and time are not productive. They act like dead branches, because they do not let the fruit grow. They act only to produce parasites and diseases.

A diseased tree will only serve to increase the pest or disease in the forest or orchard.

This typifies what all this could mean in a My ministry that wants to expand within its community.

How important are people to your ministry?

The most important!! Whenever it constitutes the land where we are going to sow the love of God towards them.

Every peasant or farmer knows that every plant has its growth and change. Change that constitutes The need for a new wardrobe (change of leaves) that is made from one Station to another and therefore, the new and fresh fruit.

Goals, Objectives and Evaluation

Goal is: End of a race.

Our goal is for the “Christ Bread of Life” Ministry to grow in a given period of time, in order to bring more souls to Christ.

Objective is: What really exists.

Objective is the desire to create this Ministry, as a link for souls to know the truth.


It is the action of valuing our work.

It is the process to determine which Goals and Objectives were met

Key Concept

Annual growth through goals, objectives and evaluations (the renewal of God in our Ministry.

Biblical Reference: (Psalm 1: 3)

In the process of creating the tree, which typifies the Order in the creation of our ministry (the earth, root, trunk, branches, leaves and fruit) have their specific function given by God.

So we should not confuse the function that develops the branches, leaves and fruit of that tree. For example:


Process to follow with responsibility in the visitation of people and in the formation of Focuses of Prayer.


Sedan the goals proposed by the Ministry in a certain time, for example:

If we propose to bring fifty (50) new members to the Church, we must draw up a Work Plan which would consist of:

Develop a series of flyers with an invitation for a special activity and that determined Society, Directive or Committee within the Church, organize to go out to invite people.

Establish a follow-up or program, to visit homes to give them information of our Ministry and Church and how to become a member.


For the Ministry “Christ Bread of Life” the Fruit constitutes more souls for Christ and therefore, more members for the Church.

The Five (5) Best Fruits of the Ministry

  • Church that Evangelizes.
  • Responsible
  • Spiritual Growth.
  • United
  • To meet the needs of the Community in spiritual and material aid.

If we work based on our objectives and goals, it is logical that we will have satisfactory results.

The farmer or peasant, before starting work on his plantation, determines that he wants to sow to harvest, that is the Fruit. But first, find out that it is the most necessary and urgent that can be sold soon and at a good price.

This will help the peasant or farmer to ensure that their work is directed to the desired purpose. Giving fruit always means that effort or struggle has not been in vain.

In this section, what is desired is to determine what are the latest results that the Ministry wants.

Biblical Reference

Those who sowed with tears will rejoice. “(Psalm 126: 5)

Fruit Samples

The Ministry “Christ Bread of Life”: It is to take the Good News of Salvation and alleviate in a minimal part their basic needs in both the material and the Spiritual.

Determining Our Fruit

In determining the fruit to be sowed, after giving thanks to God by means of Prayer. We have to work hard on what the Ministry has proposed

Ministry team: Human resource.

Our Church: The temple that the Lord has provided.

Our Community: From North Hollywood.

Defining Your Fruit

As a farmer or peasant who knows what produces a particular seed, one has full knowledge of the fruit that we are going to produce and never make a mistake. The more you understand this the better the skill and management to organize it and achieve it.

As a team, we must each be unanimous to know what others think in the determination of the fruit.

Desired Fruit

Total evangelization, thus fulfilling the quotation from Matthew 28:19

Helping the needy.

Converted and well fed. (Not hunger in the church). Good relations with the Community. and. More members for the Church.

The Ministry “Christ Pan of Life” and Stewardship of resources, is the means to develop Relationships

The Ministry ‘Christ Bread of Life’ will require, of a wise distribution in the resources that will be given to it, in order to establish a balance and good development relation.

What will happen when faced with people in need?

The following evaluation will be considered:

If this is the first time you will be helped. We will speak to you of the love of Christ and his Plan of Salvation so briefly. (Titus 2:11) In addition, a social study will be done to show how much time can be materially and spiritually aided by the Word of God.

If there is a second time, it is because they have considered and studied their situation that should be for a certain time. In what it must least lack is in itself paternalism or familiarism

You should always be on the lookout, so as not to be surprised by good arguments in people’s complaints.

In the Sociological Studies that are undertaken, steps will be set for our relationship, which determine what is its basic material need. Since the Spiritual will be our task, for if we speak of the Word of God and the help of the Holy Spirit we can understand and get to know “his situation” for the solution of his problems.

When the resources of the Ministry are few and the need is great, its administration must be special and effective to achieve our goals and objectives.

That is why, whenever you contact someone through the Ministry – it must be of spiritual impact in your lives. Because by means of the Method of Contact, the person (s) will receive a very personal attention. For example:


Obtain accurate information to help you meet your personal and family needs. What will help to attract her to our Ministry.

Membership Card

This gives us basic information, which in our evaluation will indicate if you still qualify to continue helping you. It also establishes a control over the product as well as observing the process of a person or family in the Ministry.

Presentation of the Gospel

Here it is emphasized that this is the primary objective of the creation of this Ministry, to have the opportunity to present the Good News of Salvation to every creature. Among the methods to follow are:

First, talk to each or all of them together, during the distribution, as well as leave them all kinds of literature (treaties etc.) within the food.

Make a Prayer or Service prior to distribution.

Conduct Bible studies as well as give some personal testimonials.

Visit to Homes

Through these visits, many aliases have reached the feet of the Lord. It is where the physical and spiritual needs of the family are exposed, and where the area is defined where one can work with more benefit for all of them, as well as bringing them to the Church, especially for those who are reluctant to visit it.

It is the Church, where you can share intimately about the problems of your life and pray with more confidence, as well as teach them to live with the most visiting homes.

This will help us to form small groups for pockets of prayer and therefore to the numerical and spiritual growth of the Church.

Bible study

Conducting a Bible Study in a home is very important. For there you can talk about the needs of people who attend for help. As well as teaching them to read the Bible so they can easily understand it. By reading and understanding the blessed Word of God, we will have good results in your personal life.

Our Testimony

Through our witness, many souls are built up. They motivate others who have physical and spiritual need. So we must be prepared to Testify of all the wonders that the Lord has done in our lives and to fulfill what His Word says in Daniel 4: 2.


Praying is the first Commandment of responsibility in all activities, which must be fulfilled by the Ministry “Christ Bread of Life”.

“Prayer” is a tool that teaches us to trust in God. Because by this means we cry to the Father for the needs of the people and for our personal life. (James 5:16)

Training Others for the Ministry

It is important to instruct others in the work of the Ministry. For when they come to the Church, they should be enabled to teach them to relate to others and to incorporate them into effective work.

Indicating to them what the purpose of the Ministry is and to help us train others effectively.


In any activity that is developed in the long and short term, at the end of everything an evaluation is done, which helps us to know if our goals and objectives are being met.

An evaluation may include the following:

Are these people benefiting from our help?

What is their response to the Gospel?

Do these people depend on or care for the Ministry?

Do they attend Church Bible Studies, or are they interested in it?

The four months of contact, 10 constitutes the time of help that is standard for each person or Family. For example:

First month

  • First Person Registration
  • Membership Card
  • Presentation of the Gospel
  • Giving food

Second month

  • Membership Card
  • Presentation of the Gospel
  • Giving food Establishing a relationship.

Third month

  • Membership Card
  • Presentation of the Gospel
  • Giving food and help
  • Building the relationship

Fourth month

  • Delivering food
  • Giving Testimony
  • Membership Card
  • Praying