Pentecostal Church John 14:6

Youth Society


  1. It is good to know that within the family of God, we all have a special place and that the divine purpose is to give provision, prosperity and blessing to each one of us.
  2. Doing an analysis on those who excel in the world of art, sport and in some other aspects of life; We realize that they are young people. The reason for this is that they are in the best epoch of their vigor, this makes them tireless, challenging and all with a triumphant mentality.
  3. God has long thought of young people to realize their purposes. When he wanted to do something special, he always shrunk young people. For example: David, Samson, Jefte, Daniel and much more. God placed in them a trust, depositing certain responsibilities and they responded positively. It is then necessary, that within the church we offer a special place to young people.
  4. On the other hand, knowing the desire of each young person to serve the Lord and his work, there arises the need for the Integration of the Youth Society, which we believe would be a very important means for the development of the plans of the church.
    This Society, will not move independently to the plans of the church, is under the authority and, based on her work.
  5. Any activity that is not under the guidelines of this guide, must be presented to the pastor for consideration prior to its execution.

General Objectives

  1. To make the youthful society take an active part in the development of the plan and attainment of the established goals.
  2. Participation in the Training Center John 14: 6, for your training.


  1. Form the character of Christ in their lives through biblical, practical and dynamic teachings, prepared especially for them.
  2. To minister specific areas of need in their lives.
  3. Discover and develop gifts, talents and skills among young people.
  4. Achieve in them an active participation in the development of the general plan of the church.


  1. A means to achieve the goals of the overall plan.
  2. That 75% of young people are involved in developing the plan.
  3. Train young people for youth leadership.
  4. Gain more youth for Christ.


A Director:

  • Responsible for the development of the plan.

  • Those that are necessary to cover the established activities.


  • All the young men and women of the church and those who believe in having that spirit, and are single, have a youthful mentality.

Tasks to do

Spiritual Order

  1. Activities of Prayer, Fasts and vigils etc. within society.
  2. Meditation studies of the Word of God.
  3. Studies of topics of importance to their needs (workshops)
  4. Youth services in time, determined.
  5. Agape or fraternal activities.
  6. Retreats.

Of service

  1. Evangelism
  2. Visits to young people
  3. Receptions (Provide a young man and a weekly lady at the door) this is under the coordination of the Servers Section.
  4. Participation in growth groups.
  5. Distribution of advertising materials.

Physical Order

  1. Arrangements for special activities.
  2. Economic collaboration according to the possibility
  3. Cleaning of the temple after any youth activity.
  4. Other related activities according to the needs

Social Order

  1. Recreational times.
  2. Evenings or social nights.
  3. Beneficial aid, according to needs; And possibilities; To do so.
  4. Involve each of the young people; In the various activities of the church.

Youth Society

Responsibilities and Obligations

  1. Always maintain communication with the Young Brothers of the Church, informing them of all planned activities.
  2. Supervise your attendance to the regular and special services.
  3. Pray for the sick and carry out visitation of brothers to their homes; And / or hospitals.
  4. In the absence of one (1) or two (2) Services during the week, call them by phone and thus know what has been the reason for their absence.
  5. Sow the WELCOME to the young people who are visiting the Church for the first time and put themselves to order.
  6. Congratulate and give love agape those young brothers who have accepted the Lord as their Personal Savior.
  7. Let the leadership take charge of taking the information (name, address and telephone number) of those who Accept the Lord for their Discipleship. That is, to follow up on his conversion so that he does not stray from the Church.
  8. Make Visitation Calendar on Young Brothers who have moved away from the Lord and when authorized, visit them.
  9. In any urgent need (Prayer for sickness, tribulation etc.) put to order And co-ordinate where it belongs but can be attended, so that someone can go.
  10. Schedule activities related to Dating and Marriage. In order to raise awareness of these issues. As well as others where young people stay busy.

Reportes Mensuales

Each Society in its new work function, must present monthly in the Meeting of Officers in their respective Work Schedule. A report of everything done in the month, which includes

  1. Leadership meeting dates.
  2. Work plans.
  3. Households and hospitals visited by disease.
  4. Souls given to the Lord.
  5. Discipleship tracking work.
  6. Calendar, activities for next month.
  7. To support all the activities of the Church, with initiatives of its own.
  8. In coordination with the Societies and Directives, to plan activities, which include maintenance for the proper functioning of Church property, such as:
    • Painting in general of the Building, and other areas.
    • Arrangement of walls Etc.
    • Cleaning and marking of the parking lot.
    • Arrangement of furniture (benches, tables, chairs Etc.) of the Church.