Pentecostal Church John 14:6

Declaration of Purpose

The Church of the Lord was called to be an orderly, capable and disciplined people. Two things motivate a correct organization: The effectiveness and efficiency in the services and resources.

We declare

  • Take a lot of seriousness, responsibility, wisdom and love to the fulfillment of the great commission.
  • Preach the gospel according to the scriptural basis rather than the logic of human reasoning and human philosophy. Therefore those who preach must be men of God living under the Lordship of Christ
  • Eliminate all human formalisms and traditions that stop the advance of the work of God.
  • Seek the programs that are according to the time and context where the church unfolds, so that its leaders must be up-to-date in innovations, geographic and global strategies. As long as they are under the guidance and guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • Follow up on methods, programs, functional activities.
    Make the church in this last decade of the twenty-first century reach considerable growth and figure within the growth of the city.
    Every leader is; Responsible for the development or stagnation of its area of ​​work.
  • It is necessary for the church to actively participate to achieve the prescribed purposes


  • Our world is a harvest field. In obedience to the command of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Matthew.28: 19-20 “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them … teaching them, that they keep all things … which I have commanded you … “
  • Our world is; Field, growth. In obedience to the challenge of God according to Isaiah 54: 2 “Expand the place of your tent and the curtains of your rooms be extended, do not be scarce, lengthen your cords and reinforce your stakes.”
  • By being called of God, redeemed; By Jesus Christ and possessed by the Holy Spirit, we seek to be a Community of Faith, characterized for grace, joy, hope, Love. Committed to reconcile creation with God.

We hope that God will guide us in the development of our plan and encourage us to put it into practice for the growth of the church of Christ and for His glory.

Objetivos Generales

  • Establish a spiritual, numerical and material church, solid in its principles with participatory membership and broad vision for the spread of the gospel of the Lord Jesus.
  • Achieve respect and influence within the area where the church is projected.
  • Training of leaders for the extension of the kingdom of God.

Fundamental Principles That Will Rule The Development Of The Plan

Like every organism or organization, the Pentecostal Church John 14: 6 must have certain foundations or principles, in order to advance and function. Therefore a ministerial team, leaders and the church in general are required to serve and live within the following parameters.

  • Absolute sincere fidelity to God and to one another.
  • Humility to avoid human lordship.
  • Responsibility to perform the indicated tasks.
  • Unity to live in harmony and unity to reach goals and glorify God.
  • Any contrary attitude is reprehensible and sanctioned.
  • Be a Christ centered church and apply our faith in daily life.
  • Strengthen unity to live in harmony and cultivate a spiritual, mature, responsible and committed lifestyle.
  • Let your base be the Word of God, the authority of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • May your passion be to deliver the gospel message, to the lost with responsibility and commitment
  • May it be characterized by its intimate communion with the Lord.
  • May the church be characterized by its intimate relationship with the Lord, consecration, intercession and constant prayer in fasts, vigils and retreats.


Perform ministry work based on areas of work, for better and greater progress in its development and each area under the direction of a leader recognized by the church with pastoral coverage.

The function areas are the following with suggested activities in each area:

Pastoral Area

    • Servers Section (like Deacons and Ushers)
    • Deacons and ushers
    • Group Praise Section
    • Youth Society
    • Women’s Society
    • Society of men
    • Growth Groups.
    • Training and Leadership.
    • Church Approaches.
    • Spiritual activities.
    • Staff Selection and Program
    • Innovation

Area of Christian Education.

    • Children’s Section.
    • Baptisms
    • The ABC Christian
Administrative area

  • General Office
  • Accounting.
  • Offerings and Tithes
  • Talent
  • Pro-Temple Projects (Pro-Nehernias) (Food Dollar)
  • Physical Maintenance
  • Area of Evangelism.

Christ Bread of Life

  • Visitation Section
  • Recognition of New Believers
  • Massive Campaigns (at least three times a year)
  • Social Events of Evangelistic
  • Character (twice a year)
  • Registration, Statistics and Public Relations
  • Advertising Section.

Pastoral Area

Leadership Training

  • Purpose
    • Train and train leaders with character and thought Christ downtown.
    • Provide leaders to serve efficiently in different church programs.
  • Participants
    • Men who love God and his work. And that they try to live a life of Holiness.
    • Men suitable to perform their tasks and also in their personal life status.
    • Correct motivations to perform their tasks, acts of love and service.
  • Training
    • Through the Training Center John 14: 6
    • Reflection studies and ministerial orientation.

Spirituality Activities

  • Integration into a group, of prayer.
  • An annual retreat of meditation on the Word and seeking of the Lord.
  • Fasting and prayer activities
  • A monthly vigil.
  • An annual congress.
  • Leadership Training and Orientation Studies

The Biblical Office of the Pastor

Las Escrituras usan tres palabras para enseñar acerca del Oficio del Pastor: (Como la Biblia usa tres palabras principales para hablar de nuestro Salvador, Cristo, Jesús, Señor).

1. Pastor – Ephesians 4:11

  • Definition: One who shepherds, nourishes, guides and protects.
  • See also: Matthew 9: 33; 23: 31; Mark 14:27; John 10: 2; 11, 14, 1. Hebrews 13:20, 1 a. Peter 2:25.

2. Bishop – 1 a. Timothy 3: 1-7

  • Definition: One who manages, cares, and provides direction and protection. Supervisor.
  • See also: Acts 20:28, 1 a. Timothy 3: 1-2, Titus 1: 7, 1 a. Peter 2:25.

3. Elder -1 a. Timothy 5: 17-7.

  • Definition: One who directs, represents, judges, governs, and is a leader.
  • See also: Acts 11:30, 14:23, 15: 2-o, 22:23, 1: 4, 20:17, 21:18, 22: 5, 1 a. Timothy 5: 1, 5: 17-19, Titus 1: 5, James 5:14, la. Peter 5: 1, 11 John 1, 111 John 1.


It is rare that in the scriptures the three terms speak of the same office in the local New Testament Church:

  • The three words describe the same work (office – leader).
  • Peter speaks of this work and exchanges words. 1 a. Peter 5: 1-5..
    • Peter instructs the ELDERS – verse 1.
    • To be good bishops – those who take care of the Church. I a. Timothy 3: 4-5. Verse 2
    • While they are shepherding their people (examples of the flock), verse 3.

The three terms (bishop, elder, and pastor) are used to describe the same office of the New Testament. However they do not speak of the same work, because there are variety of functions; Included with each term. All this makes the man of God – The Pastor.

The Pastor's Bible Work

Manage and preside

  • Acts 20:28,
  • 1. Thessalonians 5:12
  • 1. Timothy, 3: 5, 5:17
  • Hebrews 13: 7, 17: 1
  • 1. Peter 5: 2

Preach and teach the Word of God

  • Acts 6: 4, 20:20, 27, 28: 1,
  • 1. Timothy 4:11, 5:17
  • 2. Timothy 4:24
  • Titus 1: 9, 2:15
  • Hebrews 13: 7.


  • Acts 6: 4.

Serve as an example

  • Acts 20:20
  • 1 Timothy 4:12
  • 1 Peter 5: 3.
Perform other duties:

  • To commission Deacons to serve – Acts 6: 3.
  • Admonish believers – Acts 20:31.
  • Watch over the souls of the congregation – Hebrews 13:17.
  • Perfecting believers; For the work of the Ministry – Ephesians 4: 11-16.

The Response of the Church to the Pastor's Work

To esteem it

1 Thessalonians; 5: 12-13.

Follow his faith

Hebrews 13: 7.

Obey and hold on to your address

Hebrews; 13:17, 1 Peter 5: 5.