Pentecostal Church John 14:6

Sociedad Varonil


  1. God in his creation created man in his likeness and image. Genesis Chap. 3: In the whole course of the Word of God, man has been A that God has entrusted to him, the priesthood. In other words, leadership on the face of the earth.
  2. Conscious of this reality and seeing in them the love of God and his work, we appeal to the integration of the Society of Men, which we believe will certainly be an important part of the development of the plans of the church.
  3. It is made the proviso that this Society will not move independently to the plans of the Church, so it remains under authority and based on it, will work for the Glory of God.

General objectives

  1. To make the society of men an active participation in the development of the Plan and achievement of established goals.
  2. Involve each of the men; To the various activities of the church.


  1. Provide care, development and integral attention in each of the spheres of life of each male of the Pentecostal Church John 14: 6 and to achieve in them an active participation in the development of the general plan of the church.
  2. To minister specific areas in their lives.
  3. Discover and develop gifts, talents and skills; Among males. Without giving rise to emotionalism.


  1. A means to achieve general plan goals
  2. That 75% are involved in the development of the plan.
  3. Forming men for male leadership
  4. Reach more men for Christ.


  1. Director
    Responsible for the development of the plan.
  2.  Collaborators
    Those who are called to cover established activities, with the pastor’s permission only.
  3. Participants
    All men in the church who have shown obedience and submission to God, respect the authorities of the Pentecostal Church John 14: 6.

Tasks to do


  1. Activities of Prayer, Fasts, Vigils within the Society of Men.
  2. Studies and meditation on the Word of God.
  3. Studies and topics of importance to your needs within your society.
  4. Fraternity services of the Society of Men. (This will not be frequent).
  5. Retreats.
  6. Agape or fraternal activities.


  1. Participation in the Evangelism Section
  2. Visitation.
  3. Participation in growth groups


  1. Ornament (decoration of the temple, flowers, etc.)
  2. Talent work; etc.
  3. Refreshments in special activities.


  1. Recreational times
  2. Evenings or social nights.
  3. Beneficial aid, according to the needs and possibilities of doing so.

Society of Men

Responsibilities and Obligations

  1. Always maintain communication with the brothers of the Church, informing them of all the planned activities.
  2. Supervise your attendance to, Regular and special services.
  3. Pray for the sick and carry out visitation of siblings to their homes and / or hospitals.
  4. In the absence of one (1) to two (2) Services in the week, call them by phone and thus know what is the reason for their absences.
  5. Always give the WELCOME to the brothers who visit the Temple for the first time and put themselves to the Order.
  6. Congratulate and give agape love to those brothers who have accepted the Lord as their personal Savior.
  7. Let the leadership take charge of taking the information (name, address and phone number) of the brothers who Accept the Lord for their Discipleship. That is, to follow up on his conversion so that he does not stray from the Church.
  8. Make Visitation Calendar about brothers who have moved away from the Lord Jesus Christ and with the corresponding authorization, visit them.
  9. In any urgent need (Prayer for sickness, tribulation, etc.), put to order. And coordinate where appropriate but can be attended, for someone to go.

Monthly Reports

Each Society in its new work function, must present monthly in the Meeting of Officers in their respective Work Schedule. A report of everything done in the month that includes

  1. Leadership meeting dates.
  2. Work plans.
  3. Households and hospitals visited by disease.
  4. Souls given to the Lord.
  5. Discipleship tracking work.
  6. Work schedule for the following month.
  7. To support all the activities of the Church, with initiatives of its own.
  8. In coordination with the Societies; And Directives, to plan activities that carry the Maintenance for the proper functioning of Church property, such as
    • Painting in general of the Building and other areas.
    • Arrangement of walls Etc.
    • Cleaning and marking of the parking lot.