Christ Bread of Life

Pentecostal Church John 14:6

Christ Bread of Life


“I am the Bread of Life. He who comes to Me will never be hungry. He who puts his trust in Me will never be thirsty.”

Our goal is for the “John 14: 6” ministry to become more identified with the community and to learn more about its spiritual and material needs. To be a means or channel of blessing by bringing aid through provisions; Which provides, our mighty God.

General objectives

It is bringing the good news of salvation and partly alleviating their needs; Spiritual as praying and interceding, for problems of domestic violence, prostitution, alcoholism, drugs and gangs. That are some of the biggest things that affect our community. Alleviate material needs through resources received from the children’s hunger fund foundation. That is a supplement for low-income families.


A means, or activity, to achieve the primary objectives of its function and the work plan. Whose five (5) best fruits of the directive are:

  1. The church that evangelizes.
  2. Responsible.
  3. Spiritual growth.
  4. Unity.
  5. To meet the needs of the community in spiritual and material aid.

Mission: Serve the needy and bring a message of salvation to the community of the San Fernando Valley


A General Director.

  • The person in charge of developing the service plan.


  • Managers of groups; According to the plan and needs.


  • All young men, ladies and gentlemen who have the passion to serve in the work of the Lord and who are willing to submit to the requirements and discipline of this Directive.

Note: According to the needs, the pastor will introduce new forms or service strategies for this directive.

Tasks to do

Of Spiritual Order

  1. Prayer activities, fasts, vigils within the directive.
  2. Studies and meditation on the word of God.
  3. Studies and subjects of importance to their needs.
  4. Fraternity services of the Christ bread of life directive “(this will not be done frequently).
  5. Spiritual retirement.

Of service

  1. Participation in the evangelism section.
  2. Visitation.
  3. Participation in growth groups.

Of Physical Order

  1. Ornament (temple decoration, flowers etc.).
  2. Talent work etc.
  3. Refreshments in special activities.

Social Order

  1. Recreational times.
  2. Evenings or social nights of charitable aid, according to the needs and possibilities of doing so.


The desired responsibility is one that has to do with the activities that are assigned to the directive. In their new job function, their leaders must present at the officers’ meeting a report of everything done in the month, which includes.

  1. Dates for meeting leaders.
  2. Work plans.
  3. Reports of the growth of aid to the community.
  4. Visitation report.
  5. Report of homes and hospitals visited by illness weekly, biweekly or monthly report of souls delivered to the Lord and sanities.
  6. Discipleship tracking work.
  7. Work schedule for the following month.
  8. Support all activities of the church, with initiatives of its own.
  9. In coordination with the companies and directives, to schedule activities that help the maintenance and proper functioning of this property, such as:
    • Painting in general of the building and other areas.
    • Arrangement of walls; etc.
    • Cleaning and marking of the parking lot.
    • Arrangement of furniture (benches, tables, chairs etc.) Of the church.