Pentecostal Church John 14:6

Talent Directive


The talent directive is in charge of planning all kinds of talent (food) that is sold and served in the church. Fulfilling what his word says in Matthew 25: 14-30. (Parable of the talents).

General Objectives

  1. Make the talent directive, take an active part in the development of the work plan.
  2. Work hard, in order to reach the goals established in the plan.


Let the directive of talent be a means to help our ministry or the church, through hard work in the preparation of food, so that God may be glorified and our congregation widen both spiritually and materially.


  1. In their new role, their leaders must present monthly at the Officers Meeting. A report of everything done in the month, which includes:
  2. Dates for meeting leaders.
  3. Dates of meeting with the brothers who support this directive.
  4. Research several menu and consider those more appetizing and salable, promoting them and presenting them for your consideration.
  5. Motivate within your staff the new work to be done. So as not to fall into work routine that in the end does damage.
  6. Support all activities of the church, with initiatives of its own.

Tasks to do


  1. Prayer activities, fasts, vigils within the directive and brothers and sisters. Supporters.
  2. Studies and meditation on the word of God.
  3. Studies and subjects of importance to their needs within the group of talent.
  4. Fraternity services within the group. . (This will not be frequent).
  5. Spiritual retirement.
  6. Agape or fraternal activities.


  1. Participation in the evangelism section.
  2. Visitation.
  3. Participation in growth groups.


  1. Ornament (decoration of the temple, flowers, etc.)
  2. Work of talents etc. general painting of the building and other areas.
  3. Arrangement of walls etc.
  4. Arrangement of furniture (tables, benches, chairs etc.) Of the church.
  5. Cleaning of parking lot.
  6. Refreshments in special activities.


  1. Recreational times
  2. Afternoons; Or social nights of charitable aid, according to the needs and possibilities of doing so.