Pentecostal Church John 14:6

Directive of Baby care


The directive of Baby care, is a very special area within the Ministry and therefore deserves special attention. The Word of God says in Mark 9:37, “He that receiveth in me a child like this, receiveth me: and he that receiveth me receiveth not him but him that sent me.”

General objectives

The purpose of this area is to teach children in their first 3 years of age to learn the fundamental principles of God’s Word according to Luke 2:40 “And the child grew and became strong, and was filled with wisdom; Grace of God was upon him. ” Therefore, each of the sisters That God has called for this special work, have to be documented and trained to teach Example:

  • Songs
  • Children’s music.
  • Children’s films that teach children to seek God.


  1. The purposes of the Baby care Directive are:
  2. May the parents have the freedom to glorify God in Spirit and truth in the celebration of services.
  3. Having confidence that your children are being well-taught by sisters trained with the love of God and filled with the Holy Spirit. Trustworthy because they are like women according to Proverbs chapter 31.1-31.


  1. Their leaders must be more responsible in their attendance at the Church and each month at the Meeting of Officials, they must present a Report of everything realized like:
  2. Dates of leaders meetings
  3. Dates of meetings with Sisters. Which support that directive.
  4. Visitation and Evangelism Report.
  5. Plans of works.
  6. Future projects for your area and the Temple.

Tasks to do


  1. Activities-Prayer, Fasts, vigils within the Directive and its collaborators.
  2. Studies and meditation on the Word of God.
  3. Studies and topics of importance to your needs
  4. Fraternity services of the Directive (this will not be done frequently).
  5. Spiritual retirement.


  1. They must report all actions and developments that occur in each service, as well as supervise the following:
  2. Complying with and enforcing the Standards established in that area.
  3. To support all the activities of the Church, with initiatives of its own.
  4. Participation in personal evangelism.
  5. Participation in groups; Of growth.


  1. Report improvements that can be made or made to make the area special, such as:
  2. Painting in general of the building and other areas.
    Arrangement of walls Etc.
  3. Arrangement of furniture (benches, tables, chairs Etc.) of the Church.
  4. Ornament (temple decoration, flowers, etc.)
  5. Refreshments in special activities.


  1. Time; Recreational
  2. Beneficial aid, according to the needs and possibilities of doing so.