Pentecostal Church John 14:6

Declaration of Purposes


To broaden the place in which we are with a future vision of spiritual growth and membership. His Word says, “Enlarge the place of your tent, and the curtains of your rooms be extended: do not be scarce, stretch your cords, and strengthen your stakes.” (Isaiah 54: 2).

General Objectives

  1. Support all activities in the mission field, especially in the area of Compassion, with projects of professional help, such as the one realized in 1996 by the Oculista Dr. Aichael Colvard, and others with basic necessities like, clothes, toys, Bibles, Cassettes and personal belongings for those in the Tijuana jail.
  2. Make the “Extending the Vision” (DELVI) Directive an active participation in the development of the Work Plan.
  3. Work hard in order to achieve the goals established in the Plan.
  4. Support the Church for spiritual growth and membership.


  1. In coordination with the Societies and Directives, to plan and carry out maintenance activities for the proper functioning of the church.
  2. Create special areas of community support such as:
    • Training Center to help people with vision prepare for a better future
    • Rehabilitation Center to help people with alcoholism and drug addiction problems.
    • A Child Care Center to help parents in the community.
    • Be promoters to plant churches or support missionaries with vision of a call to work in the mission field.


  1. Directors Responsible for executing the programs detailed in this vision, for the widening of the Kingdom of God.
  2. Name: Brothers filled with the Holy Spirit who have shown growth in their spiritual lives approved by the pastor and who are supported by the congregation.

Tasks to do

Of Spiritual Order

  1. Activities of Prayer, Fasts, Vigils within the Directive “DELVI”
  2. Studies and subjects of importance to their needs for a better development of their plans.
  3. Spiritual retirement

Of service

  1. Participation in the Evangelism Section
  2. Visitation.
  3. Participation in growth groups.

Of Physical Order

  1. Ornament (decoration of the temple, flowers, etc.)
  2. Talent work etc.
  3. Refreshments in special activities.

Social Order

  1. Recreational times
  2. Beneficial aid, according to the needs and possibilities of doing so.


  1. Their Leaders must be more responsible in their attendance to the Church and each month in the Meeting of Officials, they must present a report of everything realized like:
  2. Meeting dates for your Leaders
  3. Visitation and Evangelism Report.
  4. Present information on how to help the work of the Church more.
  5. Support all activities of the Church, with initiatives of its own privilege.
  6. Schedule each month the “Victoria Spreading the Vision” Great Service.