Pentecostal Church John 14:6

Teachers' Directive: Children and Teenagers


“Let the children come to me.” Matthew. 19:14. These are words of Jesus expressing his desire that children be part of his kingdom and be called to enjoy eternal life. As a Church, it is our responsibility to carry out what is in the heart of Jesus for the children; It is for this reason that it is necessary to have a Children and Pre-Youth Section. And this one works.

General Objectives

  1. Form the character and thought in the children through activities and teachings according to the Word of God.
  2. Teach them to know God as Father and Jesus Christ as their Lord, their Healer, their Savior, their provider and their greatest friend in a personal and practical way.
  3. To be a support to the parents in the raising of their children.


  1. Transmit of what the Holy Spirit can and wants to do in the children’s lives level their thoughts, emotions, habits, attitudes, values and service to the work of God.
  2. Help them to grow, develop and mature socially and emotionally, based on the Scriptures and make this a lifestyle.
  3. To minister children’s lives according to the Scriptures


God is a God of order (1 Cor. 14:40) as such, he asks us to work in an orderly and systematic way. The section for teenagers is organized as follows.

Director of the Section

  • Delegated authority, its responsibility is to coordinate, plan, evaluate, supervise and advise the personnel working in this section and everything related to it.


  • Its responsibility is, to coordinate the classes, to supervise the different activities. Ensure the functioning of each class and motivate the achievement of goals in the lives of students. Areas that need coordination: Infants and Children.

The staff of Teachers

  • People who feel a call from God to minister to children. (They can be young or adults, men or women) – In addition they must comply with the requirement of entrance to the section that the church has defined.

Live in constant prayer

  • Practice reading the Word of God
  • Participate in the activities of Fasting, Vigilance and Prayer.
  • Seek to walk in Holiness.
  • Depend on God.


  • Attend teacher meetings on time
  • Have a monthly counseling meeting.
  • Participate in spiritual activities.
  • Participate in the Training Center for your training.
  • Be present before students arrive at church.

The students

  • To be successful in teaching and to ensure the smooth running of the ministry of education, departmental formation is important.
  • We will develop it in this ministry under the following divisions:
    1. Infants
      • Cradle 0-3
    2. Preschoolers
      • Pre – Kindergarten 3-5
    3. Children
      • Beginners 6-8
      • Primary 9-12
    4. Pre-Youth
      • Intermediate 13-15
  • Good education offers instruction for each age, according to your level of understanding and your particular needs and also according to the facilities available.

Tasks to do


  1. Prayer, Fasts, Retreats, vigils within its directive so that there is more wisdom in the treatment and Concierge towards the Children.
  2. Studies on teaching materials necessary for teaching.
  3. Studies of important topics according to their needs.


  1. Crafts: Refreshments in special activities.
  2. To support all the activities of the Church, with initiatives of its own.
    On the work agenda, report meeting dates for leaders and teachers. Work plans such as:
  3. General painting of the building, arrangement of walls Etc. arrangement of furniture (benches, tables, chairs etc.) of the Church.


  1. Recreational times within the area teachers and children.