Pentecostal Church John 14:6


Seeing the need of our Community and knowing that only God can solve the problem of so hurt Society. The Holy Spirit moved us to begin a work, which for that moment we had no foundation for the Vision that God had for this City.

But after a few days and five (5) people in the House of the Tomas Family and Dora Alicia Reyes being in Prayer, the Ministry “JUAN 14: 6” is born, a biblical quotation with which God shows us the way, a month of April Of 1,988.

After three months of reuniting at Reyes Family Home, which is located at 80212 Hinds Avenue in North Hollywood, California.
God blessed that small group, where there were not five people but thirty. What I force to seek help to the Councils already formed, but not finding it, God inspires us to rent a local ..

As of June 1, 1988, a locale was found at 5016 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood, California, with a capacity of 100. Where the first rental contract was prepared with the representative of the property Mr. Roberto Quezada, paying an income of $ 2,600 per month.

Given the growth of the Ministry and what God was doing, transforming the drug addict, the gangster and the alcoholic, the vision was also born to help our community, which in addition to bringing souls to Christ Jesus, helping people to get out of that Habit so harmful to his life. For this, it has been necessary to go out and find these people by offering them Eternal Salvation and their physical, material, moral and Spiritual recovery. By that time there was already a growth of members as of one hundred people.

Two and a half years after being gathered in the First Headquarters, although there was already a growth of One hundred people, there was a need to look for a wider place, to be able to follow the goal that God had put in our hearts, to continue Helping the Community, where Families or Marriages are divided by the effects of sin. It has helped to dictate special Conferences on Drug Addiction, Marriage and Alcoholism or simply, to go out to Evangelize and speak to the people the “Good News of Salvation”. This has a great blessing, for the Lord has glorified himself in this Work as we open doors to continue.

As of December 1, 1990, the Church was located at 11120 Chandler Blvd. From North Hollywood, California with a capacity of 150 people. Signing a Second Rental Agreement with Representative Mr. John Zemansky, paying a Rent of $ 3,500 per month.

The contract signed in this place was for a period of 3 years, ie, from December 1990 to November 30, 1993 which could not be concluded, despite the fact that the work continued to grow, since there was already more than 150 members.

As it happened, the City Firemen arrived to carry out an Inspection and they argued that the Building was not appropriate to carry out meetings of people, since it did not have an “Emergency Door” as security of the same and it was necessary to continue searching Another location. Thus, in December 1992, the Contract was rescinded or annulled.

The great purpose of this church is to serve the community in different social areas, with the sole aim of seeking God. So that through his infinite mercy He may change them to a better life, of love, peace and harmony and above all, save his soul to be worthy to enter his Kingdom.

Within that purpose, there is also the Big Vision that is the Creation of a Rehabilitation Center for the sick in Drug Addiction and Alcoholism. As well as creating a Child Care Center to help the different Homes or Mothers who work.

Given the emergency that had arisen at the previous site, it was necessary to request the help of Pastor Javier Carrera to allow us to use his place where the “Ebene-zer” church that grazing is located at 10325 Glenoack s Boulevard, Pacoima, California 91331.

That was where it was attended for two and a half months. Time where we enjoy ourselves in the Presence of the Lord and enjoy the experience of fraternizing in harmony with our brothers.

Our perseverance in the search for our continuous premises, given that we urged our own premises to continue working in the Work of God.

Circumstance that greatly affected to the Ministry when retiring some members of the congregation to other councils.

As of March 1, 1993; Pentecostal Church “John 14: 6” is located in its new premises located at 7145 Vineland Avenue of North Hollywood, California 91605, opposite the Price Club. Signing a Rental Agreement with the property representative Mr. Norman Bradley Hess for three years and paying an income of $ 2,400 per month.

In this place was for a year, eleven months, fifteen days, time that gave rise to initiate a series of Projects and Visions that the Lord put in our hearts, and that it was only possible to start raising a Second Work in Vancouver, Canada.

Until it was interrupted with the arrival of Inspectors of the City that in reviewing the property they informed that the Church did not count on sufficient parking of vehicles for its members. I tried to fade that fix in many ways but there was a need to get out. So I started the search for another place with those requirements.

The Word of the Lord tells us in the Book of Leviticus 26: 9 “For I will return unto you, and make you increase, and multiply, and establish my covenant with you.”

With this principle and guidance from the Lord, we arrived on March 1, 1995 at the site located at 6945 Tujunga Avenue in North Hollywood, California 91605 which was a part of the Linzer Products, INC Company. That is dedicated to the elaboration of rolls or brushes for painting and everything concerning utensils of maintenance of houses and buildings.

Seeing that it fulfilled all the requirements demanded by the City, especially in what concerns to parking of vehicles is signed a Contract of Rent for four years, in the sum of $ 2,680 monthly.

Visions and Projects

In this place, we continued with the Visions and Projects pending such as the following:

1. The church is given “Light and Truth” Pentecost “John 14: 6” # 3 of Pastor CARLOS A. FLORES, address at 13750b Foothill Boulevard, Sylmar, California 91342. It was closed in February 2001.

2. The Pentecostal Church “Rivers of Living Water” # 4 is given by Pastor MARCELINO PINZON NORIEGA, with address at 13643 Vanowen St. and Woodman, Van Nuys, California 91403. Council that did not prosper since it soon ended.

3. I continued with Welfare Projects to help the poor people in Tijuana and the prison there.

4. Material and Spiritual help was given to the places of “El Maneadero”, and the La Casa Hogar “The Kingdom of the Children” of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Assistance consisted of free eye exams for people in need of a very Professional Ophthalmologist Specialist, named MICHAEL COLVARD and Assistants. And other aids such as wearing clothes, shoes and toys.

Operating in an industrial area

However, within two years of being in this place in a month of June 1997, the City Inspection again arrives. On this occasion the repairs presented were faded and some that were corrected. The inspection lasted almost a year, thanks to the support received from professionals who identified with the Ministry.

As we were in the middle of Industrial Buildings, the City asked the following question: If we were authorized to operate as a church in the middle of an industrial area. What a Christian Church can not develop in an industrial area.

It is here, where it is born in the congregation to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to solve our problem with the authorities of the City. We begin in Fasting and Prayer, as well as Vigilias. Being in that process of search, the Lord puts in our heart to begin to look for, not a commercial or industrial place but a Building that is appropriate for Church.

Praying for a temple

God working in our Ministry we know a Salesman of Real Estate Lord Tom Riley recommended by Pastor Jose Luis Amezquita of the Pentecostal Church “The New Covenant”. Mr. Tom Riley visited our Offices, to see if we were a serious Organization. Being already with us we communicate of a Church that sold in the 6903 Radford Avenue North Hollywood, California 91605.

We proceeded to pay a visit to that building, having shown it from the outside and inside, and our heart was inflamed with joy and joy, seeing what the Lord was showing us. We left the place and at night we returned and took the bars of the fence, we made a Prayer asking God to show if that would be the place that would provide us.

This Church was not for sale in the Market, but eight days later the Property and Roots Salesman made a telephone call, informing us that this property was possible for negotiation. With that news, we reason to continue praying to the Lord, and we begin the negotiations. Which lasted more or less

To our surprise, negotiation was not easy because God tried us until the last moment. But in the end God opened doors and not having money in the time that we spend praying, that is in those two months God provided us the money to be able to buy our Temple.

To our transfer and order to the new Temple, it was necessary the first 15 days of the Month of July of 1998; Then we took care of our First “Thanksgiving” Service on Friday, July 24, 1998. Date for which special invitations were invited to different Pastors of the Valley of San Fernando, in order to share our joy and joy And to thank the Lord for such a great event.

Already in our final headquarters, we continued with the projects and visions already initiated with more meditation and guidance in the Lord in its projection, since a great commitment had been acquired such as paying this building and paying our credits that were extremely large . However every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month in the three years – that we fulfill to be here, we have seen the miracle, the mercy, the blessing and the hand of God in this wonderful work. What proves us, proves us and makes us go forward that is under his direction and control.


Within the Spiritual, material, social and moral activities we can mention some, such as the following:

1. Continued with the council to the Church “Light and Truth” Pentecost John 14: 6 # 3 of Pastor Carlos A. Flores.

2. I continued with the support of this Ministry to a small Work that began as a Missionary in the year 1.997 Brother Deacon José Siordia Flores in San Luis Soyatlan, Jalisco, Mexico. Given a special case that happened to him in his Spiritual life.

3. Hosts José Manuel Barahona and Carmen Roxana Ventura, was one of the first couples that on Sunday, August 16, 1998, married in this temple.

On Saturday, July 17 and Sunday, July 18, 1999, the 11th. Anniversary of Foundation of this Ministry, reason that gave rise to that great event of carrying out the inauguration of this beautiful Temple that for years it had been longing for. He was with us at the Council of the Word Brother Alberto Mottesi.

Serve the needy and bring a message of salvation to the community of the San Fernando Valley

On Friday, February 25 and Saturday, February 26, 2000, prior to a request made a long time ago, is eligible to attend a Training Seminar of the “Children’s Hunger Fund.” A Foundation that supports through diversity donation Of things and food to many Christian Organizations and Churches of Southern California, Mexico, Central America and Europe.This training received and prior to a study demanded by that Foundation, qualifies to receive and distribute these donations. Since March 2000, the Ministry “Christ Bread of Life” whose mission is “To serve the needy and bring a message of salvation to the community of the valley of San Fernando.”

On July 20, 21 and 22, 2000, the Great Crossing “Save the Family” in the Valley of San Fernando with Brother Alberto Mottesi is supported. This activity, in addition to the great Victory achieved, is a Union of Pastors who worked hard in that Crusade, thus arises the “Association of Shepherds of the Valley of San Fernando.” Under the Directive, Pastor Roberto Rosales is appointed Secretary.

El Salvador, 2001

In the earthquakes that occurred on January 13 and February 13, 2001 in the Republic of El Salvador of Central America. Where there was need to help the victims of this catastrophe. This Association carried out several activities in order to raise funds for the damages caused by the first earthquake; Having scheduled a Special Service with Dr. Carlos Moran, for Monday, February 12: 01 at 7:00 p.m. M. Not knowing that the next day would happen another telluric movement of the same proportions in the same country.

This was how the Pastors’ Association and “Children’s Hunger Fund” joined forces to send four trucks with food and all kinds of assistance to that country, with Pastors Rodolfo Alatorre, Roberto Rosales, Vice President and Secretary of the Association, and other Brothers, as well as the Representatives of that Foundation who traveled all together from 03 to 07 April: 01. To distribute all that help.