Pentecostal Church John 14:6

Worship Team


  1. The worship team is one hundred percent biblical, because through it; The whole congregation can reach the desired goal which is: The presence of God. And it is through this means that we can achieve an intimate communion with the Lord and with the exercise of prayer, we achieve sensitivity of the Holy Spirit of God in our meetings.
  2. The need for this service in the body of Christ is great because it plays an important role. Men and women, who are called as priests to serve in this area of ministry, build up the saints for a development and perfection in the church of Christ.
  3. Within many things the Lord teaches us in His Word, it is very important to this ministry to guide the worship and worship of God’s people.

General Objectives

  1. The main purpose is to flow in the glory of victorious praise.
  2. Lead the congregation in a praise that carries true expression.
  3. Instruct the congregation, the revelation of praise and worship in Spirit and truth.
  4. Prepare the congregation to receive the message of the word of God.


  1. Glorify and praise God.
  2. Build and minister to the people of God.
  3. Bring the people to offer God the praise and worship that he deserves.
  4. Attract attention to Christ not to ourselves.


Worship leader

  • Manage, directs, and coordinates areas of the worship team toward the goals set by the Word and projects into a single vision with the vision of the pastor.


  • They give direction to the people to praise and worship with acclaim.


  • They support the Director and inspire the people


  • They support the worship leader, inspire the people to praise freely.

Characteristics of the members

  • They must have worship as a way of life.
  • They must maintain close communion with God.
  • They must understand the movement of the Holy Spirit in the congregation.
  • They must be in good relationship with the brothers and their ministers.
  • They must be consecrated and blameless.
  • You must live a moral and spiritual life that conforms to the Scriptures.

Tasks to do

Spiritual Order

  1. Participate in the activities of prayer, fasting and vigils etc. Within the group.
  2. Participation in the Leadership School for your training.
  3. Participate in the scheduled trials.
  4. The direction of praise in all the activities of the church.


  1. The desired responsibility is that which has to do with the activity that is carried out at the ministry level and with the presentation of a pleasant service worthy of God whom we serve.
  2. Participation in all activities of the church.
  3. Arrive on time, 30 minutes before beginning the service to pray and thank the Lord.
  4. Serving with presentation and modesty (men’s clothing and tie, not sport, women decorous, ie non-provocative).
  5. Keep all instruments and materials in order, keeping them well protected, and in good condition.
  6. The constancy and perseverance in the privilege, this can determine the complete and permanent participation or the temporary or permanent suspension of each one of the members of the Group/
  7. The final determinations, in the face of any indifference to these recommendations, are made at the discretion of the director of praise in communication with the pastor and according to established norms.
  8. In their function of Work, they must present in Monthly form in the Meeting of Officers, a Report of everything realized in the month, that includes:
    • Dates of meeting of the Group.
    • Dates of meeting of test and cleaning of equipment.
    • Stay in Fasting and Prayer, so that the Lord will inspire you in new songs.
    • Support all activities of the church, with initiatives of its own.
    • Schedule with the Societies and Directives, activities for the good maintenance of church property, such as:
      1. Pintura en general del edificio y otras áreas.
      2. Arreglo de paredes Etc.


  1. Do not miss the trials that have been scheduled and present your program every day of testing.
  2. The musicians and singers will drink to present themselves to the services, presentable; (With ethics) and participate in the prelude of prayer as in general activities.
  3. Introduce yourself to the trials decently. (No shorts and low cut shirts)
  4. Anticipate his absence or delay in the performance of his duty.
  5. In case of delay 7.00 PM. It is the hour later for your participation.
  6. Visits are not accepted (persons who are not members of the ministry, unless authorized or disciple-in-process in this ministry) and children are not accepted to avoid disorientation in the trial.
  7. Do not disturb people who are praying, making noise with instruments or rehearsing
  8. To place or tune instruments and equipment, they must arrive in advance.

Do nothing for strife or vainglory; But with humility, esteeming each other as superior to himself. Not looking each one for his own, but each one also for the others (Philippians 2: 3-4)